South-Van Events has assembled the following creative and innovative menus. Once your special menu is selected, our chefs go to work, orchestrating every detail with your vision in mind. The result is a culinary experience that excites all of the senses.
Receptions & Hors D' Oeuvres Hearty Buffets
Elegant Lunches & Dinners Bar-B-Ques & Picnics
Boxed Lunches & Cold Buffets Breakfasts & Snack Breaks
Beverages & Bar Options Wedding Lunches & Dinners

Bluegrass Favorites Selections

For a Light Hors d' Oeuvre Reception, You May Choose 5 of the Following for 11.50 per person. For a Heavier Hors d' Oeuvre Reception, You May Choose 6 of the Following for 13.75 per person. For a Reception/Meal, You May Choose 7 of the Following for 15.95 per person. Additional Items may be added for 2.30 per item. All Charges are plus Labor/Staffing Fees, Sales Tax and any Rental Items.

Miniature Kentucky Hot Browns
A specialty of Kentucky, just a miniature version!
Chicken Wings
An all time favorite, choose original buffalo, Hot & Spicy Blackened or Sweet and Sour Bar-B-Que
Assorted Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Three different fillings; spicy sausage, spinach & cheese & savory seafood
Chicken Fingers
Your choice of dijon marinated & char-grilled or oriental peanut
Warm Baked Beef Dip w/ Fresh Vegetable Crudites
A blend of cream cheese, chipotle peppers, pure horseradish and beef, served bubbly with fresh cut vegetables for dipping
Miniature Bleu Cheese Burgers
Bleu cheese tops individual burgers served open faced
Apple Glazed Miniature Brie in Ragout Cups
Brie cheese topped w/ apple brandy sauce and diced apple, broiled and served in a cocktail cup
Your choice of marinara, swedish or sweet and sour sauces
Assorted Rumaki
Water chestnuts, chicken livers, queen olives and pineapple wrapped in bacon
Chinese Chicken & Pepper Brochettes
Chicken breast, bell peppers, onions and pineapple broiled in soy sauce and sesame oil
Monterey Artichoke Bake
Cream cheese blended with spinach, chipotle peppers, artichoke hearts and parmesan, served with appropriate crackers and breads
Quesadilla Triangles
Spicy tomato cilantro relish with jack cheese fills a flour tortilla, then char grilled and served with sour cream and pico de gallo
Sesame & Pepper Glazed Beef Brochettes
Marinated striploin of beef, threaded with peppers and green onions and char grilled
Mini Pizzas
An assortment of pizza's with various toppings
Sliced & Marinated Top Round of Beef on Assorted Silver Dollar Rolls
Roasted garlic mayo, dijon mustard and pure horseradish, accompanies
Sliced Old Kentucky Country Ham on Butter Biscuits
Honey mustard accompanies
Fresh Vegetable Crudite
Seasonal fresh cut vegetables served with parmesan peppercorn or creamed spinach dip
Assorted Tea Sandwiches
Our own salads fill these bite sized sandwiches – walnut chicken salad, country ham salad, creamy pimento cheese and benedictine
Tiny Pate' Au Chou Shells
Cocktail shells stuffed with your choice of walnut chicken salad, smoked chicken in white bbq sauce or pork bbq
Assorted Cheese Board
Large variety of cheeses, fruit garnishes, crackers and breads
Fresh Fruit Trays
Seasonal fruits served with your choice of dark chocolate dip or honey yogurt dip
Orange Muffins with Smoked Turkey Breast
Served with cranberry mango chutney
Assorted Pate' Trays
An assortment of pates' served with roast red peppers, capers and garlic crostinis
Mexican Fiesta Dip
A layered dip with refried beans, cheddar, tomatoes, salsa, olives, jalapenos and sour cream, served with blue and white tortilla chips
Assorted Miniature Sweets
To include chocolate truffles, cheesecakes, bourbon tartlets, lemon chess tartlets, lemon curd and chocolate mousse in phyllo cups and dipped strawberries

Kentucky's Best Selections

For a Heavy Hors d' Oeuvre Reception, You May Choose 7 of the Following for 19.95 per person. For a Reception/Meal, You May Choose 9 of the Following for 24.95 per person. Additional Items may be added for 2.80 per item. All Charges are plus Labor/Staffing Fees, Sales Tax and any Rental Items.

Chicken Fingers
Your choice of sweet and spicy Polynesian Coconut or Crispy Pecan, honey mustard accompanies
Blackened or Cornmeal Fried Kentucky Catfish Fingers
Caper tartar sauce & honey mustard
Kung Poa Beef Brochettes
Skewered beef tenderloin in a spicy peanut marinade and broiled
Individual Baby Back Ribs
Chef's secret smoked bbq preparation
Warm Crab Dip w/ Fresh Vegetable Crudite
A blend of cream cheese, crab and sherry, served bubbly with fresh cut vegetables for dipping
Stuffed Artichoke Hearts in Beer Batter
Served with crème fraiche
Individual Mini Lamb Chops
With mint oregano glaze
New Potatoes Topped w/ Oysters, Curried Crab & Boursin
Egg-Battered Portobello Mushrooms with Remoulade
Fried Ravioli w/ Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Chicken, Shrimp & Vegetable Brochettes
Marinated in sesame and chili oils, hoisen sauce and oyster sauce, then broiled
Wild Mushroom Confit' in Phyllo Triangles
Shitake, button, portebello and oyster mushrooms steeped in brandy fills flaky pastry
Mini Latkes
Served with sour cream, scallions and applesauce
Whole Wheel of Baked Brie in Pastry
Topped with apricot conserve or sun dried tomato pesto
Savory Crespelles
Spinach, chipotle peppers and pecorino cheese fills these crepes
Sliced Roast Tenderloin of Beef
Our house specialty, served chilled, mustard and pepper glazed, then traditionally presented with capers, red onion, diced egg, assorted rolls, roast garlic mayo, dijon mustard and pure horseradish. Due to beef market, this item may have an additional charge.
Marinated & Roasted Vegetable Baskets
With sun dried tomato pesto dip
Indian Garam Masla Chicken Salad Loaf
Served with mango chutney and ginger snaps
Kentucky Asparagus Tips in Proscuitto or Country Ham
Amish bleu cheese sauce
Assorted California Rolls with avocado cream
Anti Pasta Trays
Italian marinated vegetables including artichoke hearts and hearts of palm
Spicy Rock Shrimp Crostini
Chili Con Queso Dip w/ Blue & White Tortilla Chips
Seafood Mousse
Your choice of shrimp, salmon or smoked salmon mousse, served with garlic crositini
Assorted hand prepared Canapes
Chef's daily selection to include caviar deviled eggs, pate on sour dough, stuffed vegetables, crab louis in phyllo cups, smoked salmon canapés
Brie & Fruit Kabobs
Chunks of brie cheese and seasonal fruits, skewered and marinated in honey and almonds
Imported Cheese Board
Large assortment of imported cheeses, fruit garnishes, crackers and breads
Bruschetta w/ Red Onion Confit & Smoked Mozzarella
House Cured Smoked Salmon
Traditional or finished in tequila and kosher salt, served with mini bagels and classic accompaniments
Deluxe Miniature Sweets
To include white chocolate truffles, white chocolate dipped berries, macadamia nut bars, mini almond nougat baskets with berries, french pudding in mini meringues, chocolate macaroons and hello dolly bars

Exhibition Stations

Need a way to Excite your Event? Exhibition Stations are an effective and memorable addition to any event. All stations will require additional labor/staffing & rental charges, please contact our office for specifics.

Chef's Carving Station
Carving station with your choice of Steamship Round of Beef, Tenderloin of Beef (house specialty), Country or Smoked Ham, House Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast or Pork Loin, complete with assorted silver dollar rolls or biscuits and honey mustard, garlic roast mayo, dijon mustard and pure horseradish
Steamship of beef - 4.50 per person; Tenderloin of Beef - 7.95 per person; Country or Smoked Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast and Smoked Pork Loin 4.95 per person

Chef's Pasta Station
Fresh penne' pasta, with your guests' choice of marinara, alfredo or white clam sauces, an assortment of fresh vegetables and meats, all cooked to your guests order
4.95 per person

Chef's Fajita Station
Marinated flank steak, chicken breast or shrimp cooked in an iron skillet while your guests fill warm flour tortillas and top with fresh cooked vegetables, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, refried beans and jack cheese
Beef & chicken fajita station – 5.95 per person
Beef, chicken & shrimp fajita station – 6.95 per person

Chef's Seafood Station
Jumbo shrimp cooked in our special boil, fresh shucked blue point oysters or steamed stone crab claws. Served complete with appropriate condiments
Please contact our office for market pricing on this station

*****Amazing Chocolate Fountian*****
Think of It!!! A 22 Pound, Rich, Belgian Chocolate Flood!!!! flowing from our 34" Chocolate Fountain....Your Choice of Dark, White or Milk Chocolate!!! Your Choice of Dipping Items.....Reserve Your Chocolate Fountain Today!!!!
395.00 Fountain Rental for up to 150 Guest - Dipping Items are Additional....This Station Must be Reserved !!!

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